Why I turned over to e-cigarettes

For over 15 years, I have been a passionate smoker of all different kinds of tobacco products. Then, I found out about electronic cigarettes and everything changed. I know it might sound a bit wired, but when I had an e-cigarette for the first time, it was like love at first sight.

But first things first!

Even though when I have been a passionate smoker for more than 15 years I knew that it was a bad habit and that I should stop it as soon as possible to avoid any negative health issues.

I read an article that smoking could even cause prostate cancer, which my grandfather died off and this made me want to quit smoking. But, as you might guess, quitting a passion that you have for such a long time is not that easy.

Why I wanted to become a non-smoker

Like many other smokers, I tried to quit several times. I quit, didn’t smoke for a few weeks and started smoking again. For whatever reason, I wasn’t able to stop smoking ultimately.

The first few times I quit non-smoking, the reason mostly was because I thought one cigarette wouldn’t hurt. Unfortunately, it wasn’t only one.

Once I became aware of that “pattern”, I was able to eliminate it and I didn’t touch a single cigarette because I thought it would be only one.

However, even after I have solved this problem I still wasn’t able to become a non-smoker. It’s true that the periods that I didn’t touch a single piece of tobacco got longer and longer. But, it still was not that easy to resist.

For example when being with my friends, who are also heavy smokers, I always had a hard time to resist smoking. And as you might already guess, at some point I had a weak moment and grabbed a cigarette too.

Finally, a few weeks ago I have found a pretty good way that keeps me from smoking unhealthy tobacco cigarettes. A friend of mine told me about e-cigarettes that work with a liquid instead of tobacco.

If you can relate to this story, and if you want to learn more about electronic cigarettes, I highly recommend to search for some e cigarette reviews online.

Good review sites provide a great overview of the latest products that are available on the market and help you to find the best e-cigarette for your needs.

How a real SEO Expert can help you grow your business

If you are running your own business you know that you always need to generate new leads and drive new clients, customers or patients to it. In this post I will show you why a skilled SEO Expert can help you to achieve that goal.

As a matter of  fact it is a huge challenge for a lot of business owners today to grow their business. Of course everybody has heard of all different kinds of advertising strategies that are available today. But the biggest challenge is to advertise effectively and generate a positive ROI while a lot of people are already suffering from what is called “banner blindness“. This means that your target audience has mostly become immune to advertising of all kinds. They just don’t see your ads and act on them.

A SEO Expert can help you with banner blindness

So what can you you do?

When it comes to online advertising it is proven that SEO (search engine optimization) is the most effective way to generate more leads an make more sales. This is the case because SEO doesn’t look like advertising to your target audience. Let me explain.

Why you need to hire a SEO Expert

First off, SEO describes the process of optimizing your website in a way so that it shows up right on top of Google for important search terms. In other words, Search Engine Optimization helps you to put your site on top of the organic search results that people are looking for on Google.

Doing so even puts your business right in front of very hot prospects who are already looking to purchase the products or services you are offering.

But, to really get to the top of the search results on Google it’s highly recommended to only work with a good and experienced SEO Expert that can really deliver results.

Looking for a great Video Production London? Here it is…

In case you are looking to find a great video production company in London your search has finally come to an end today.

In this post we want to introduce to you one of the most popular and reliable video production companies from Great Britain.

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Video Production London

London is a pretty big city and if you are looking for a reliable video production company that also produces outstanding videos you might have some work to do to find the right one. The number of video production companies in London is just huge. But, fortunately we have a great recommendation for you today.

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vidify - Video Production in London (UK)


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Oh, and below are two sample videos they have produced in order for you to get a better understanding of what they are doing.