How To Redo Your Backsplash

Kitchen Update

Backsplash forms a great opportunity for becoming creative with the design of your kitchen. It offers a chance of playing with a number of colors, textures, and patterns that can make your kitchen to be awesome. Furthermore, the kitchen backsplash aids a great deal in ensuring that your kitchen is kept free from any germ. Moreover, it gives the kitchen a new look. Here are the main ways on how to redo your backsplash and give your kitchen a new and modern look without much spending.


Application of the Venetian Plaster

Applying Venetian plaster to your kitchen is one way of giving your kitchen a new look. It also gives the kitchen colors that are wonderful and a number of stencils to select from. Venetian plaster is the best option when it comes to the wetting surfaces. It is in a position of tolerating the rising damp and it allows quick evaporation of water that gets absorbed into it.




Coating by Use of Paint

Coating your kitchen surface using paint is the best possible way of transforming it and giving it a fresh look. The versatility nature of the paint facilitates its working on a number 0f materials starting from the wood surfaces to tile surfaces to glass surfaces. The essential trick in ensuring you are giving your kitchen a new look by using a paint coating is sticking to a maximum of two shades and proceed to work on the next design.




Tin up the Kitchen

Comparing this method to that of Venetian plaster application and that of the paint coating, we find that the tin provides imprint designs that are detailed on it as one way of ensuring that it is used in the process of moderation. Tin is mostly used for the cases where one needs to create more attention and wants to make that area a focal position for his/her design.




Warming Up Using the Breadboard

This is another essential point to keep in mind on how to redo your backsplash. A breadboard backsplash is the best alternative when you want to come up with a kitchen that as a fresh look and an awesome one. It creates a ‘down home’ look to the kitchen giving you a feeling of a cozy country type of kitchen.




Mirrored Backsplash

The best way for making your kitchen to look like it is of a larger size than before is using the mirrored backsplash. This is made possible by using the mirror tricks. Furthermore, it gives the kitchen a feeling that is modern and sleek to the space of the kitchen.


In most cases, the mirrored tiles are the ones used in the kitchen. They are mainly sold in adhesive sheets and are in a position of being applied on top of the available textured design. For the case of the surface that is smooth, purchasing a mirrored product coming as a single larger slab is recommended. This is because it is considered to be minimalist, meaning that it gives the mirrors a modern approach.