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The Best Summer Lawn Care Tips

Lawn Care Tips

Summer is a crucial time of the year for lawns. Most of the stress the lawn faces are contributed by heat and drought. Following the best summer lawn care tips can help you to ensure that the lawn stays green throughout the summer.


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Fertilization and Weed Control
Avoid applying synthetic fertilizers on the lawn during the summer as it will burn the lawn. Organic fertilizer is the only fertilizer that is recommended to be applied on the lawn during the summer months. Weed control should not be done during the summer as it can burn the lawn. With the rise in temperature, a little bit of weed control can spread further. The only training lawn care technicians receive is spotting spray weeds during the summer period.

Watering the lawn should be done in the mornings or a sprinkler system should be applied. The advantage of morning watering is that it allows water to dry quickly minimizing the risk of diseases that may set in. To keep the lawn green and vibrant, watering needs to be deep and infrequent. To know when to water the lawn, search for cracks in bare dirt. Piercing a screwdriver into the soil is the option can be used to determine when to water the loan. If you are unable to pierce screwdriver into the soil for at least 6-8 inches then its time to water the loan.

Mowing is not done mostly during these months. If mowing has to be done in the summer then the mower deck should not be placed to the highest setting and also there is a need to ensure that blades are sharp and that the amount of grass blade to be removed from the plant should not exceed a third of the grass plant. Mowing the grass at a higher setting enables the grass to be thicker comprising of a denser root system, enhancing slower dry out during the summer conditions.

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Grass Clippings
The waste generated when mowing should not be categorized as waste. The clippings produced when mowing needs to be redistributed across the lawn. Mowers should collect their clippings in bags rather than leaving them to fall back into the grass as well as the soil. The cutter blades can be used in a variety of ways like supplying the soil with additional nutrients and also making additional shades to enhance the growth of a healthy lawn.

Any lawn patch that doesn’t seem to grow properly requires to be seeded appropriately. Most mowers tend to seed barren lawn patches a number of times and this leads to overworking of soil. Seeding and ensuring there is a proper water schedule on those sections will lead to improvements as time goes by.

In dealing with the cool season grasses, its good to make a decision in advance on whether the lawn will be watered and also cared for during the summer or if it will be allowed to assume the dormant state. Keeping the lawn green during the summer requires proper maintenance and following the required practices.



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