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Easy Tips To Clean Oil Spots From Your Driveway

Remove Oil Stains

Besides being unattractive, oil stains on your driveway can lower the value of your home. They are difficult to remove, and nearly impossible if left to soak in for even a short period of time.

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oil stain
Concrete oil stains could unexpectedly result from a leak in your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, lawnmower, or anything else that requires motor oil to operate.

It takes a lot of scrubbing and soap and water to remove oil stains that have had time to absorb into the floor are nearly impossible to get out completely. It could also prove costly, with having to purchase heavy-duty chemical cleaners or dry cement.

In all likelihood, no matter how much you clean them, concrete oil stains will discolor the surface. This is particularly noticeable on driveways because when it rains, the discoloration is more vibrant. Below are a few easy tips to clean oil spots from your driveway:

1. Stains caused by oil leaks are hard to remove instantly. Instead pour out a can of soft drinks, preferably a cola, on the spot and then leave it to soak overnight. The next morning use your laundry cleaning detergent and mix it with water and then give it a good scrubbing. Wash away with water and you should have your sparkling driveway back again.

2. This same formula can be used with boiling water as well. In this case, though, you don’t have to leave it overnight soaked in cola. Just pour some detergent on the spot and let it soak for a few minutes and then pour boiling water on it. Now bring out your hard scrubbing brush and give it a thorough scrubbing. Wash away with water and then rinse it thoroughly.

3. Trisodium Phosphate is a wonderful cleaning agent, which is also used in mixture with other chemicals to clean roofs. They are available at the local paint stores. However, you have to use a lot of discretion when applying it, as TSP is also a very powerful and harmful product. Use TSP on the area that is stained and then scrub it using a hard-bristled broom which will remove any residues. Avoid getting TSP in the hands of children and within the reach of pets and keep them away from any vegetation around the driveway.

4. Pressure washers are a great product, one that is extremely useful in removing tough stains. Pressure washers apply a tremendous water pressure of about 2500 pounds per square inch and when applied from a height of about 6 inches can remove any stubborn stains. They are known to damage concrete so apply from a height of 12 inches and gradually bring it down closer so as to be sure that you are not damaging your driveway when operating.
oil stain
A regular cleaning regime is needed to ensure that there is no oil spill left unnoticed, dry leaves or any stains of any types left on the driveway. Always use a garden hose to do your regular cleaning work and then using special cleaning routine for any stubborn stains.

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